Legal Agreement: Terms of Service

Liability Waiver: I agree to abide by the rules set forth in The Forge membership handbook.  I am fully aware that participation in the “The Forge” may result in risk of personal injury or harm. In consideration of being granted the opportunity to participate, I hereby agree to release and hold harmless the “The Forge”, its members, officers, employees, agents, volunteers, committees and boards, from and against any and all liability, loss, damages, claims, or actions (including costs and attorneys fees) for bodily injury and/or property damage, to the extent permissible by law.

This indemnification and hold harmless agreement shall include indemnity against all costs (including without limitation, reasonable attorney's fees and court costs), expenses and liabilities incurred in or in connection with any such claim or proceeding brought thereon and in defense thereof.

The participant agrees never to institute any suit or action at law otherwise against The Forge, its members, officers, employees, agents, volunteers, committees and boards, nor to initiate or any way assist the prosecution of any claim for damages or course of action which the member, member’s heirs, executors or administrators hereafter may have by reason of injury to the person of the member or to the participant’s property arising from the activities contemplated by this agreement. 

I have read and understand this release, indemnification and hold harmless form and I voluntarily sign it. I hereby give permission to The Forge for emergency transportation and/or treatment in the event of illness or injury and this release extends to any liability arising in connection with such transportation and/or treatment. I hereby accept responsibility for the payment of any emergency transportation and/or treatment. I further certify that I am in good physical condition, and have no medical or physical conditions that would restrict my participation in this activity or program.

Photo Authorization:  I grant authorization for photographs and videos to be taken of the above named participant. I consent and authorize the pictures to be used in publicity, media, or other materials as deemed appropriate by The Forge.

Forge Greensboro Member Agreement:  The Vision fo Forge Greensboro is to catalyze the spirit of making to improve quality of life, economic opportunity, and community awareness in our city.  The Mission of Forge Greensboro is to lower financial and societal barriers for artists, entrepreneurs, students, and creatives through access to tools, technology, and information, empowering them to express themselves through the act of making in a diverse and accessible community.

By becoming a member of Forge Greensboro, I agree to uphold our mission and vision statements, described above.

Here is what that means:

-I agree to respect other members, guests or the public; verbally, physically, online or otherwise.

-There is no picking and choosing who I respect; respect is universal and should be shared regardless of age, ability, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, economic position, sexuality, or anything else that makes a person unique.

-The Forge does not tolerate hate speech, discrimination, or harassment and I agree to not participate or facilitate any of those listed actions.

The Forge is a safe space for all to use.  Past our doors, we are humans first and makers and artists second.  Forge Greensboro, our community makerspace has a zero tolerance for hateful, discriminatory, or harassing actions and will immediately expel members and take legal action if necessary. Expelled members will not receive a refund of dues. Discrimination, including but is not limited to, age, gender, race, political affinity, religion, sexuality, or class will not be tolerated.   We believe that inclusion and diversity are needed to thrive in a creative, innovative, and successful space.

My membership shows an understanding & agreement to the zero tolerance policy described above.

Computer & Internet Use Policy: In its mission to (i) maintain a collaborative workspace for communal use by all Members; (ii) foster a creative, collaborative environment for experimentation and development in technology and art; (iii) interact with the local community that our space is situated in through education and cultural participation; (iv) share our developments and ideas with the world at large; (v) facilitate communication with other spaces and colleagues nationally and internationally; and (vi) invite experts and other creative individuals to share their ideas and projects, the Forge extends access to information and media by offering to its Members Internet access, access to computers, online research databases, applications, and printing.  Any and all access and use of the Forge computers is subject to compliance with this Policy, the Member Handbook, and the Bylaws of the Forge. Violation of this Policy may result in reprimand, suspension of access to computers, suspension of Membership, and/or termination of Membership.

Terms of Use
- Only Members and staff of The Forge are authorized to use The Forge computers and Internet access.
- The Forge’s Community Norms (set forth in the Member Handbook) apply to computer and Internet use.
- The Forge cannot and does not guarantee the accuracy of information on the Internet.
- The Forge does not filter content on public access computers.
- The Forge does not and cannot guarantee the privacy of data or computer usage.
- Members assume full responsibility for their personal devices, and full responsibility for their use of The Forge computers, including responsibility for securing their private information and access to social media and other accounts.
- Use of The Forge computers for illegal activity will result in immediate termination of Membership, in addition to any other actions or liability.
- Display of sexually explicit graphics or otherwise offensive material is inappropriate and is prohibited.
- Members must be current and in good standing to use the computers.
- Members must share access to computers on a reasonable basis.
- No Member shall knowingly access the private information of another Member without the express permission of such Member.